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  1. Linda Ikeji crucified for possessing hairy legs and dirty toe nails!
    Linda Ikeji hairy legs and dirty toe nails! And all hell was let loose!
    Linda’s photo showed her legs had been hairy and so they started calling her all sorts and asking why she could not shave her legs?
    They mentioned she was rich and popular however could not
    take a second to shave her hairy legs. But i ask,what is wrong with hairy legs?
    Linda Ikeji dirty toe nails..or are they? But that was not even the worst,the worst was with her toe nails and toe corns.After once more they started on poor Linda,saying
    how could she commit so significantly on shoes but have such dirty toe nails and toe corns?

    She was told she is rich and should really have regular toe pedicure.I never assume her feet had ever known anything like it!
    By now the footwear Linda was attempting to share with her followers was now secondary,the main topic
    was the hairy legs and dirty toe nails as nicely as toe corns.
    But i think people writing issues such as her getting ugly and grubby feet,was
    way over the best,i see a lot of jealousy. Society appears to like to make
    people today up and then commit the subsequent
    couple of years attempting to bring them down! I can not realize that mentality personally,but
    i guess-just like the song says,Mo Money,Mo issues!
    But if you appreciate shoes the way she obviously does,there is a higher chance
    you would create toe corns.Have you seen Naomi Campbell’s feet?

    Have you noticed her toes and the corns? So it can come about.

    How to get in touch with Linda Ikeji Effortlessly? So who is Linda Ikeji and
    why would you want to make contact with her personally?

    If you are in Nigeria you need to have heard about Linda Ikeji or lindaikejiblog.

    We all know her as a single of the richest Nigerian bloggers who in a brief period made it on line.
    The question here is, how can you reach her? Properly this
    writeup will inform you how to get in touch with Linda Ikeji, exactly where you can discover
    her, and who she is, just in case you Google it. Linda Ifeoma
    Ikeji is her full name. She is a preferred Nigerian blogger born on September 19, 1980 in Nkwerre, Imo state,

    It was in 2006 she started blogging and by 2007 she
    designed her blog on Google’s blogspot (now Blogger) but as she grew, she later bought a custom domain name
    As of today, Linda Ikeji’s weblog is viewed as and rated by Google as 1 of the most
    viewed blogs in Nigeria. You would not think that in 2014,
    her name was the most searched query on Google Nigeria.

    With the popularity of her blog, she was integrated on the list of 20 most prominent African girls according to Forbes.
    It is recognized that Linda’s blog helped make her incredibly rich and she also built a
    career from it.

    You may well be asking yourself how Linda spends all
    her cash. Properly, she does spends her cash well but also have a
    charity project called ‘I’d Rather Be Self-Made’.

    She uses this medium to aids young girls fund their revolutionary enterprise concepts
    and be self made. There are unique different reasons for contacting Linda.
    It may be you just want to share your opinion on her any of
    her articles, or give her a thumbs up for her charity function. You may well
    even want to know what she is undertaking at the moment.
    As earlier stated, we shall give you the means on how to get in touch with
    her very easily, so unwind. If you truly want to make contact with Linda,
    there are a lot of locations exactly where you can come across her quickly and personally.

    Instagram – @officiallindaikeji (her audience there is about 1.two million followers)

    Marital status – single

    Dec 2015 4 What is New

    Likes Re: Linda Ikeji Launches New Website’s by stuhporh: 11:46am On Oct 09,
    2014 Bobby4090:

    She hails from Nkwerre, in Imo State

    Click on the « Search » icon on the correct

    Thriving in recession

    She is recognized to be incredibly active on all of her social media accounts.
    The best & easiest way to get in touch with Linda would be
    employing by way of the comment section of lindaikeji weblog.

    So, if you have to express your views, opinions or critic about a certain post, just
    comment on the mentioned post and she or her team will reply you in no time.
    But you have to be careful as from time to time she deletes comments
    as shclick beneath it and leave your comment.

    Be aware that it will most probably not appear
    right away, as Linda or she is now careful as to what her
    and her fans post and comment on her weblog.
    She also has an App. So you can download Linda Ikeji mobile
    weblog application from either your App Shop, Google
    Play Store or Windows Retailer for totally free.

    Just search for Linda Ikeji Blog and you are fantastic to go especially if you
    favor to read and comment on her weblog very easily.
    In addition to her weblog, Linda has accounts on all of her major social media
    sites. You can discover her on Instagram (@officiallindaikeji), where she shares her
    outfits of the day and occasional events that she visits with her 1.2 million followers.
    She has an account on Twitter (@lindaikeji), exactly where she largely tweets about different news
    to her audience of 1.65 million followers. Naturally, Linda has a personal Facebook web
    page, as properly as several fan pages. On her official page, she has almost 300 thousand likes, but all she posts there
    are videos from her YouTube channel, Linda Ikeji Television, where
    her audience is considerably smaller (12 thousand subscribers).

    She made it so that her readers could communicate with every other, as nicely as obtain out
    news firsthand. You can also attain her there. If you want to ask or tell her one thing individual that you wouldn’t like everyone
    else but her to see, we recommend you e-mail her. Her enterprise,
    Linda Ikeji Media, which incorporates such services as Tv, radio and music,
    also has two small business e-mails you can write to.
    Even so, there is no assure that Linda herself will read
    your message. Although we are on the topic of Linda Ikeji Media,
    you can essentially visit their physical office.

    It is situated at Plot 29 Busola Durusimi Etti Dr, Lekki Phase 1, in Lagos, Nigeria.
    By the way, they are presently hiring, so you can get yourself a job, also!
    They say it is a great spot to perform at: 22 rooms, numerous recording studios, a VIP lounge, a cafeteria,
    a training center and other exciting characteristics. If you would like to meet Linda
    Ikeji personally, she usually holds events for her charity we’ve told you
    about it in the previous section. For instance, she not too long ago
    held a Self produced Woman Conference and visited her alma mater.
    You can also catch her at many award shows exactly
    where she comes as either a journalist and as a nominee.
    And there is usually the chance to find her at her office.

    I never see any way about it. So final week Thursday, I took myself to the studio.
    Yeah properly, I’m a small rusty, I haven’t performed any modeling in two
    years. The photographs are not expert. He desires me to do a session at a
    studio where I was asked to pay N25grand for about ten images.
    I am so low cost I know, but N25grand for just 1pix?
    We require just one particular image for the posters, handbills and web-site.
    I have an understanding of professionalism but it is easier to put that into
    practice when it is not your dollars becoming spent.
    So, we’ve changed the title and theme of the Tv programme.

    It was initially Catwalk with Linda (we currently shot 2 episodes), a Television modeling
    contest. Now, it really is called Nigeria’s Leading Model Search With Linda
    Ikeji. Verify them out and let me know what you consider.

    Do I have a very good photo to pick from? But do
    not neglect that the background doesn’t matter. BTW, that’s me
    and Gbemi Mowarin. He just joined the corporation and he directed the shoot.
    So what do you guys feel?

    Where is she having the revenue? Has the APC replaced the PDP as
    her most significant alleged benefactor? So possibly we
    need to place this to rest and for all. Linda Ikeji does
    not, in truth, want the funds of any reich man, political party, or drug leader.
    You have to think it: she tends to make all this
    income from blogging, from fantastic old, constant, difficult-charging, talented, break-the-news-and-the-gist-very first blogging.
    To convince you and shut this down for the quite final time, we
    will do the maths for you. On Thursday, 11 August, we sat down – all of us collectively
    – and did an evaluation of Linda’s income in just one day, on just one website.

    In one particular day, we counted 20 sponsored posts on Linda
    Ikeji’s internet site. TWENTY. And for excellent measure, we went
    back two weeks. That’s the typical. 20. Linda Ikeji’s
    posts go for 50,000 each. Now, mainly because they currently so fairly priced, she doesn’t give
    discounts on this amount – no matter the bulk, at least
    for the bigger market place. Last two weeks, she updated the expense to N55,000.
    But for the sake of argument, let’s go with N50,000.
    That means that in just 1 DAY, final Thursday, Linda Ikeji created N1 million naira.
    And she makes this minimum N1 million Just about every WEEK DAY.

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